Who is this for?

Teams who wish to train a group of police snipers at once, either with just their department or surrounding agencies.

Course Description

Five (5) Day/ 50 Hours

Our 5-day, 50-hour curriculum is designed for law enforcement personnel that are currently assigned to a SWAT team and are designated to perform the specialty of police sniper. This is a Certification Level course and will require each participant to pass a written examination, qualification course and fieldcraft exercises. Our Basic Police Sniper course provides a strong foundation of the fundamentals of precision rifle shooting, positional shooting, basic tripod shooting & fieldcraft. The teaching methodology conducted is crawl, walk, run, and begins with the proper fitting of the precision rifle to the student. Each day’s learning objectives will build upon the previous day emphasizing consistency with every task. In addition to the shooting aspect, operational deployment procedures from the vehicle to conventional SWAT callouts and establishing an effective observation position will be taught. Case studies and legal precedents involving the use of deadly force by police snipers will be discussed. The American Sniper Association Police Sniper Utilization Report will be introduced and discussed.

P.O.S.T. Accreditation is available for this course.
Each student will receive a one year membership in the American Sniper Association.

This course is currently only available in the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada area.


  • Marksmanship

  • Ballistic theory and Calculations

  • Kit Selection

  • Alternate Positions

  • Mission Planning

  • Mission Deployments

General Information

This information is subject to change and meant to serve as general planning guidelines. Please check with the specific course flier for the most up to date information and requirements for any upcoming scheduled courses.

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