Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue


Watch a video compilation on our featured course- Police Sniper Response to a public venue created and taught by Mark Lang and his team.

Course Description

The PSRPV™ Course is an advanced course and is NOT for the beginning Police Sniper. The course is conducted in a true advanced manner and students will need to show proficiency at every stage. PSRPV™ was designed to be the cornerstone for Public Venue Response and Deployment for SWAT teams. Optimally designed for a Police Sniper that is experienced and/or in an instructor role and has excellent skills of marksmanship and fieldcraft. The course is conducted in a crawl, walk, run progression. Students will be challenged with round accountability and physical conditioning. Expect to move in kit with a purpose. The course is ideal for agencies that are responsible for public safety at public venues where large crowds attend and could be the target of a domestic or international attack via gunfire, explosives and/or vehicle ramming attacks. Students will learn not only the role of the Police Sniper in Overwatch Positions, but also Best Practices for SWAT teams and other work groups. New skill sets will be developed throughout and emphasized at the venue. Students will be required to successfully pass the range day before being allowed to live fire in the venue. Upon successful completion of the course, students will have the confidence through both training and documentation to intervene and protect citizens at public venues.

Course Topics:

Venue Site Assessment
Public Venue/Terrorist Attack History & Trends
Range Work/On Demand Shooting
SWAT Role at Public Venue’s
Angle Fire Presentation
Live Fire training at the Venue
Deliberate/Immediate React Teams
Improvised/Hasty Position Selection
Tripod Usage and Deployment
Planned Overwatch Positions
Observation/Communication Scenarios
The Role of the 50 Cal in Venue Safety
PBIED/VBIED/Vehicular Attack Mitigation

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