Training Scholarships by American Valor Foundation

We are proud to announce we have partnered with the American Valor Foundation to offer course scholarships to attend Tacflow Classes for a limited number of officers struggling with department funding each year.

The American Valor Foundation was formed by Chris Kyle’s family Jeff Kyle (brother), Wayne Kyle (dad), and Deby Kyle (mom) to continue his mission of

“Serving those who serve us”.


Letters from past students

American Valor Foundation,

I wanted to say thank you to the American Valor Foundation for giving me the scholarship to attend the Ballistic Shield school through TacFlow Academy. My department has cut our training budget by 30% and I am positive that the only way I would be able to attend this course is through paying for the training myself. Through the scholarship it opened more available spots for me to attend and help me utilize a tool which provides better cover against a lethal threat. I do not know of any officers at my department who have attended any type of shield training. Rigo and Chris did an excellent job instructing the shield program and I learned so much. With the training and knowledge, I will bring back what I learned to my department to teach these tactics to the remainder of our officers. I am very lucky and fortunate to have the American Valor Foundation there to help officers get the training they need when departments cannot afford it. Thank you again, I REALLY appreciate it!

Bryan Horst
Beverly Hills Police Department

Dear Kyle Family,

I want to start off with a thank you! Thank you for sponsoring not just me but also my SWAT team members (Ballistic Shield Course). Because the knowledge I gained at the training will benefit them as well. I want you to know that prior to attending the training we had no where near the knowledge we left with. I can definitely say we were not using the shield to our advantage as a team.

The training definitely taught us a lot. During the training we used simunition rounds and we quickly discovered how much damage the shield would take and not us. Shooting static and on the move while holding the shield drastically improved also. During the training we quickly discovered the shields we had as a team were not beneficial for us. We have ordered four new shields since completing the training. This is something that would have never happened if we had not attended the training. Again, thank you so much for allowing me to attend.


Erik Peña
Beverly Hills Police Department

American Valor Foundation,

I cannot thank you enough for the awesome opportunity your foundation has provided. Through your program I was able to attend a phenomenal period of instruction at the TacFlow Ballistic Shield Operators Course. The course provided extensive training in the application of life saving tools and tactics that will assist myself and my teammates in future operations.

Over the last few years our team has encountered numerous violent suspects with complete disregard for law and order. Five of those incidents included suspects willing to engage Officer with gunfire. In 2017, I was struck in the ballistic helmet by an armed suspect lying in wait. Luckily enough I was able to continue and see the incident conclude. After the incident, an honest evaluation was conducted by the members of our team and the implementation of Ballistic Shields became heavily incorporated into our training. Having the ability to attend this course will only further our teams’ capabilities and increase survivability in violent confrontations. I thank the American Valor Foundation for the support provided to law enforcement Officers. Your work truly helps us complete our mission.

Officer Rene Gonzalez