Civilian Firearm Training

Civilian Firearm Training Options- Tacflow Signature Courses and Private Training

Most people want to feel more confident in their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. Our civilian firearm training options are designed to help you build the skill and practice to handle dangerous situations with confidence.

The hard truth

The average response times for emergency 911 calls vary by city, but range from around five (5) to over ten (10) minutes before a professional will be on scene. What does this mean? It is our responsibility to know what to do, how to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, because more often than not- we are the first responders.

What we are not

We do not teach classes to build your social media content. While we appreciate the “cool guy” factor, we value every minute with you and believe that time is best spent learning rather than filming or posing for pictures. Our goal is always to give you as much information and experience as we possibly can during the time we have you.

COVID-19 UPDATE: The travel restrictions and social distancing recommendations have affected several of our courses and events that would be impossible to meet these criteria.

During April and May, we are offering discounted private coaching for all law abiding individuals and small groups (6 and under) at Cowtown's Private Range facilities in Arizona. Pistol and carbine training for all levels is available immediately. 

Development Team

Our Civilian Firearms Courses are taught by the same top level instructors as our profession specific courses, but focus on the responsibilities and priority of life of the average citizen, shooting fundamentals, combat sport science and efficiency of movement.

Civilian Firearm Courses in Arizona

Sounds Great! – How do I sign up?


Check our open enrollment schedule course page to see if the course you want is available.



Learn about our private training at our home range right outside Phoenix, AZ. We build a course based on your experience and personal training goals!



Have questions?
Contact us to schedule a call. We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have.


Have Questions? Check our Law Enforcement Training FAQs

Do you offer courses not listed here?

Yes! However they usually have to be scheduled as a private group option.

Can I come take your courses back to back all at one time?

Sure! We would be happy to quote you a price to run the courses back to back as a private training option.

I see mostly Law Enforcement courses on your schedule, can I sign up for those?

Generally no. The reason is NOT because we think your skills aren’t up to speed (many of the best shooters we have ever seen are civilians!), but there are several reasons we run across over the years that make this the standard answer-

  1. Most of our courses are hosted on a department range or training facility, or at venues with very specific insurance requirements. They do not allow civilians to train at their facilities for liability reasons.
  2. Our LE Specific courses are designed around the duties and responsibilities that come with being a sworn officer, which are not the same legally for the civilian population. (Departmental Policies and Procedures, priorities of life, etc)
  3. Many of our courses have officers that work undercover/ plain clothes details, so the learning environment is disrupted when a non-sworn officer is in the same course.

Sometimes we are able to make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Please CONTACT US if there is a specific course you would like to be considered for.

We believe all citizens should be armed with the skill and knowledge to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. If the curriculum you are looking for isn’t listed, we are happy to build a course to meet your personal training needs.