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Law Enforcement Training- Tacflow Signature Courses for LE Professionals

Most officers struggle to find relevant progressive training outside their agency. We specialize in mission specific Law Enforcement Training courses designed to allow you to maximize your limited time and budget, while also helping you translate new information back to your team in a manageable way.

This is what we do…

Over 90% of our training courses are devoted to serving the needs of police officers around the country. With more than 10 years teaching primarily law enforcement students, we are confident we can help you reach your goals. We hope you will join our network of like-minded information seekers in furthering the progression of Law Enforcement Training practices around the country.


Development Team

Our Development Team consists of current and former police officers who are continually researching and testing new information and learning methods. We believe in always pushing the boundaries of what we think we know, while maintaining the core principles that have lead to past successes.

Sounds Great! – How do I sign up?


Check our open enrollment schedule course page to see if the course you want is available.



Learn how easy it is to become a host agency.
Insider Tip: we will help every step of the way, AND your agency receives free slots for helping market open courses, or a discounted group rate for closed courses.



Have questions?
Contact us to schedule a call. We are always happy to help answer any questions you may have.


Have Questions? Check our Law Enforcement Training FAQs

Can I register before I have gone through the full agency approval process?

Absolutely! And please do. We are almost always traveling to a location, so knowing the number of students who have put in for the course is very helpful for our scheduling purposes. If you are not fully approved yet, please just let us know and we will pencil you in and stay in touch through your agency approval process so we can keep an accurate head count.

Are your courses POST certified? Can I get credit for these training hours?

Many of our Police Training courses have already been AZPOST and TCOLE approved. If your agency needs an outline or other paperwork to submit for training hour credit, most of our courses have the ability to do so.

Please CONTACT US for more information.

Do you offer courses not listed here?

Yes! Because of our diverse team, we are able to design courses to fit most needs. We are also always listening to students on where they see gaps in training.

Please CONTACT US for more information.

I am Current Military or DOD Contractor- Can I attend these courses?

Usually yes, as long as you meet the other pre-requisites for the given course. It is dependent on a number of factors, so please always check first for the specific course you are looking at.

Please CONTACT US for more information.

I'm a civilian/ veteran/ retired LE. Can I attend these courses?

Generally no. The reason is NOT because we think your skills aren’t up to speed (many of the best shooters we have ever seen are civilians!), but there are several reasons we run across over the years that make this the standard answer-

  1. Most of our courses are hosted on a department range or training facility, or at venues with very specific insurance requirements. They do not allow civilians to train at their facilities for liability reasons.
  2. Our LE Specific courses are designed around the duties and responsibilities that come with being a sworn officer, which are not the same legally for the civilian population. (Departmental Policies and Procedures, priorities of life, etc)
  3. Many of our courses have officers that work undercover/ plain clothes details, so the learning environment is disrupted when a non-sworn officer is in the same course.

Sometimes we are able to make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Please CONTACT US if there is a specific course you would like to be considered for.

We believe all citizens should be armed with the skill and knowledge to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. If the curriculum you are looking for isn’t listed, we are happy to build a course to meet your personal training needs.

I am a foreign Law Enforcement Officer, can I attend your courses?

Maybe- it depends on the specific course, what country you are from, and the host agency.

Please CONTACT US for more information.

Over 250 Agencies & Departments Served

Abbotsford, Canada
Alabama DCNR, AL
Anaheim PD, CA
Ann Arbor Police Department, MI
Apache Junction PD, AZ
Alabama State Troopers, AL
Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, CO
Arizona Dept. of Corrections, AZ
Army National Guard, AZ
Atlanta PD, GA
Auburn PD, AL
Austin PD, TX
Avondale PD, AZ
Barbour County Sheriff’s Office, AL
Baton Rouge PD, LA
Benton Charter Township PD, MI
Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, TX
Boca Raton PD, FL
Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, CO
Boulder PD, CO
Brown County Sheriff’s Office, WI
Buckeye PD, AZ
Buena Park PD, CA
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA
Carlsbad PD, NM
Calgary Police Service, Canada
Casa Grande PD, AZ
Castleberry PD, TX
Cedar Hill PD, TX
Chandler PD, AZ
Chattanooga PD, TN
Cherokee Nation Marshal Service, USA
Chesapeake PD, VA
Cheyenne PD, WY
Chula Vista PD, CA
City of Boca Raton PD, FL
City of Green Bay PD, WI
City of Lewisville PD, TX
City of Moore PD, OK
Clarksville PD, TN
Cobb County PD, GA
Cochise County Sheriffs Office, AZ
Columbia PD, SC
Commerce City PD, CO
Costa Mesa PD, CA
Cottonwood PD, AZ
Cushing PD, OK
Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office, OH
Dallas PD, TX
DEA, Individual Agents
Decatur PD, AL
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, GA
Denton County Sheriff’s Office, TX
Denver PD, CO
Denver PD- Gang Bureau, CO
Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
Department of Energy (DOE)
Drumright PD, OK

Desoto PD, TX
Dyersburg PD, TN
East Carolina University PD, NC
Ecorse PD, MI
Escanaba Department of Public Safety, MI
Escondido PD, CA
Estrella Mountain College, AZ
Fayetteville PD, AK
Federal Reserve Police
Florence PD, AL
Fort Lauderdale PD, FL
Franklin County PD, OH
Frisco PD, TX
Ft Worth PD, TX
Garden City PD, MI
Georgetown PD, TX
Gila River PD, AZ
Gilbert PD, AZ Narcotics
Glendale PD, AZ
Goodyear PD, AZ
Goshen City PD, IN
Greeley PD, CO
Greenville City PD, SC
Hamilton County Sheriffs Office, IN
Henderson PD, NV
Henry County Sheriff’s Office, VA
Hermitage PD, PA
Highland Park PD, NJ
Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office, FL
Hillsdale County Sheriffs Office, MI
Honolulu PD, HI
Hoover PD, AL
HUD Office of Investigations
Indiana State PD, IN
Irving PD, TX
Ithaca PD, NY
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Narcotics, FL
Jupiter PD, FL
Kern County Sheriff’s Office, CA
Knoxville PD, TN
La Mesa PD, CA
Lafayette PD, LA
Lafayette Sheriffs Office, LA
Lake Arthur PD, NM
Lakewood Police Department, CO
Larimer County Regional SWAT Team, CO
Las Vegas Metro PD, NV
Lee County Sheriffs Office, FL
Lincoln Park PD, MI
Livingston County Sheriffs Office, MO
Long Beach PD, CA
Madison PD, WI
Manchester PD, NH
Mansfield PD, OH
Maplewood PD, MN
Maricopa County Sheriffs Office, AZ
Marion County Sheriff Office, FL
MCSO Human Smuggling Unit, AZ

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, TX
Mercer County CIRT, PA
Mesa PD, AZ
Metro Nashville SWAT, TN
Minneapolis PD, MN
Mishawaka PD, IN
Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, AL
Murfreesboro PD, TN
Nashville PD, TN
Natrona County Sheriffs Office, WY
New Orleans PD, LA
Newport Beach PD, CA
Norman PD, OK
North Las Vegas PD, NV
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, CA
Ohio State Highway Patrol, OH
Oklahoma State University PD, OK
Opelika PD, AL
Orange County Sheriff Department, CA
Orlando PD, FL
Palm Beach Gardens PD, FL
Palm Beach Sheriffs Office, FL
Palm Springs PD, CA
Pasadena PD, CA
Payne County Sheriff’s Office, OK
Peoria PD, AZ
Phoenix PD, AZ
Pinal County Sheriffs Office, AZ
Plano PD, TX
Polk County Sheriff’s Office, FL
Portland Police Bureau, OR
Prescott PD, AZ
RCMP, Canada
Redwood City PD, CA
Riley County PD, KS
Riverside PD, CA
Riverview PD, MI
Rochester PD, NY
Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, TN
Salt River PD, AZ
San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, CA
San Diego PD, CA
Santa Clara PD, CA
Santa Clara Sheriffs Office, CA
Scottsdale PD, AZ
Seattle PD, WA
Sharon PD, MA
Shawnee PD, KS
Shelby County Sheriffs Office, TN
Sierra Vista PD, AZ
Shipshewana PD, IN
Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, CA
South Carolina LE Division, SC
Southwest Enforcement Bureau, OH
Springdale PD, AR
Stillwater PD, OK
St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, LA
St. Joseph County PD, IN

Stamford PD, CT
Stillwater PD, OK
Surprise PD, AZ
Swayzee PD, IN
Taos County Sheriff’s Office, NM
TAT Tribal LE, ND
Tempe PD, AZ
Tennessee Hwy Patrol- Special Operations, TN
Texas DPS, TX
Tompkins County Sheriff Office, NY
Torrance PD, CA
Tulsa PD, OK
University of Colorado Boulder PD, CO
University of Florida PD, FL
University of Georgia PD, GA
U.S. Air Force, OSI
U.S. Air Force, Pararescuemen
U.S. Army
U.S. Army, CID
U.S. Army National Guard
U.S. Border Patrol
U.S.B.P. Special Operations Group
U.S. Marine Corp, MAI
U.S. Marine Corp, Force Recon
U.S. Marshals
U.S. Navy
U.S. Secret Service, Individual Agents
Van Buren Township, MI
Vancouver PD, Canada
Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, CA
Ventura PD, CA
Victoria PD, Canada
Virginia Tech University PD, VA
Volusia County Sheriffs Office, FL
Washtenaw PD, MI
Wayne County Sheriffs Office, MI
Wicomico County Sheriffs Office, MD
Wise County Sheriffs Office, TX
Woodhaven PD, MI
Yavapai County Sheriffs Office, AZ
Yukon PD, OK


National Tactical Officers Association
Alabama Tactical Officers Association
Arizona Tactical Officers Association
Association of SWAT Personnel Wisconsin
California Association of Tactical Officers
Florida SWAT Association
Georgia Tactical Officers Association
Indiana SWAT Officers Association
National Patrol Rifle Conference- Center Mass
Ohio Tactical Officers Association
Rocky Mountain Tactical Officers Association
TacOps West
Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Officers Association
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