Who is this for?

The Entry Team Concepts Course was developed for SWAT, Joint Task Force Teams, and Critical Entry Response who use team CQB for building entry, including HRT, High Risk Warrants, Active Shooter, and Vehicle Assaults.

Course Description

Five (5) Day

Students in our Entry Team Concepts Course will learn the building blocks for all weapons- from carbine, pistol and empty hand combat. Students will learn how to use these principles during suspect controls and team tactics while managing a carbine.

They will apply while shooting, practicing room clearing, and HRT scenarios. This is principle-based training meant to address trained/organized multiple-threats such as terrorist and domestic terrorist attacks for Homeland security. These techniques can be easily implemented in multi-agency, as well as joint task force operations.


  • Introduction to Gunfighting Principles

  • Mindset/ Understanding violence

  • Partner and Team Force on Force Open Area Fighting

  • Team Open Area Search

  • Slow and Deliberate Building Search

  • Taking rooms from the outside

  • Limited Penetration/height line changes

  • Active Shooter/ Crisis Entry

  • Controlling Hallways/ Open Door vs. Closed Doors

  • No Shoot Combative Problem Solutions

  • Suspect controls in hallways

  • Team contact and handler drills

  • Transition pistol/ carbine

  • Close contact with Carbine failures

  • Shield Work Basics Live Fire & Team Movement

  • Lowlight Principles and Practical Application

  • Weapon Retention Drills

  • High Risk Warrants

  • HRT Structure

  • HRT Vehicle/ Blocking/ Breaching/ Shield or No Shield


General Information

This information is subject to change and meant to serve as general planning guidelines. Please check with the specific course flier for the most up to date information and requirements for any upcoming scheduled courses.

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