Who is this for?

Current team leaders or those wishing to become Sniper Team Leaders.

Course Description

Three (3) Day

The Sniper Team Leader Course is a 30-hour curriculum designed to break through the institutional inertia that police sniper teams and sniper team leaders may face on today’s SWAT Teams. Designed to assist Team Leaders in areas of sustainment, training, documentation, gear selection and selling your sniper teams abilities for all missions. Core blocks of instruction will cover the mission of the Police Sniper, selection process for potential snipers, training programs, and exposure to multiple qualification courses of fire. Students will learn how to develop qualification courses to meet state reporting requirements and implement specialized sniper training into your current program. Weapon system, riflescope and ammunition selection will be discussed in depth. The course will have an actual live fire ballistic gelatin test for your current ammunition to compare with others. Sniper mission planning, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for various related items such as offsite live fire training will be covered as well as Special Application Rifles to include the 50 Caliber.

Developed by


  • Mission of the Police Sniper

  • Selection Process for Potential Snipers

  • Training Programs

  • Exposure to Qualification Courses

  • Developing a Qualification Course

  • Implementing Specialized Sniper Training into Your Program

  • Weapon, Scope, and Ammo selection

  • Will have an actual live fire ballistic gel test for your current ammo to compare with others.

  • Sniper mission planning, SOP’s for various Sniper related items such as offsite live fire training set up and specialized weapons

  • Students will receive real data and documents concerning purchases, training and justification on all items and more concerning LE snipers.

General Information

This information is subject to change and meant to serve as general planning guidelines. Please check with the specific course flier for the most up to date information and requirements for any upcoming scheduled courses.

Police Sniper Team Leader Course in Action

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