Undercover Narcotics Combative Transitions to Your Firearm from Concealment & Vehicle Fighting™

Who is this for?

Designed for Undercover Agents and good for close protection, plain clothes, and off duty officers


  • Mindset/ Understanding violence

  • No Shoot Combative Problem Solutions

  • Suspect controls and Containment

  • Drawing the handgun from concealment

  • Weapon Disarms

  • Surviving Edged Weapons

  • Fighting in a 360 environment

  • Vehicle Fighting

  • Vehicle Rescues with Force on Force

Course Description

Four (4) Day Course

Learn how to create time, distance, & opportunity to deploy your firearm from a concealed position. This Tacflow™ course focuses on foot work congruent to both the combative and shooting world utilizing SACP™, along with principals allowing the operator to understand and recognize “true” violence within their opponent. Students will work through multiple engagements and disarms. Training is not based on muscle science and mere aggression, but on ‘real intelligence’ which can be utilized by officers of smaller stature.

This course will incorporate how to fight inside of a vehicle. Fighting against edged weapons, firearms and natural weapons until rescue is complete. Students will learn how to conduct officer rescues from a vehicle, rescue team tasks and responsibilities.


General Information

This information is subject to change and meant to serve as general planning guidelines. Please check with the specific course flier for the most up to date information and requirements for any upcoming scheduled courses.

Undercover Combative Transitions to Your Firearms & Vehicle FightingCourse in Action

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