Who is this for?

Police SWAT Snipers who want to develop or are looking to sustain a large caliber rifle program with 50 Cal or .338 Lapua.

Course Description

Five (5) Day

This course was created for law enforcement agencies who have acquired large caliber rifles (50 BMG and/or 338 Lapua Magnum) and endeavor to develop and sustain a Large Caliber Rifle Program with an emphasis on SWAT deployment. Current domestic & international terrorist trends indicate a need for this capability as we continue to see vehicles used as weapons against our citizens. Created as a Train the Trainer course, we invest heavily in your student’s instructional development and require students to give multiple teach backs, lead small groups, and successfully pass the Large Caliber Rifle Standards & a written examination. Your law enforcement professional will return with the information and skills needed to develop and sustain a Large Caliber Rifle program at your respective agency.

Developed by Mark Lang


  • Large Caliber Rifle Standards

  • Proper Ammunition Selection/Usage

  • Understanding Overpressure & Acoustic Exposure

  • Range Planning, Design and Safety

  • Terminal Ballistic Workshop

  • Vehicle Intrusion and Engine Disablement

  • Animate and Inanimate Use of Force

  • When to deploy a Large Caliber Rifle in an Overwatch Position or SWAT operation

  • Case Studies of 50 Cal/338LM use by Law Enforcement & Criminals

  • Developing a Qualification Course for your agency

  • Sustaining a Large Caliber Program


General Information

This information is subject to change and meant to serve as general planning guidelines. Please check with the specific course flier for the most up to date information and requirements for any upcoming scheduled courses.

Large Caliber Rifle Instructor Course in Action

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