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An often overlooked asset is an agencies aerial asset (helicopter), which can serve as an aerial engagement platform with tremendous accuracy and effectiveness. Tacflow Academy’s Aerial … Read More

The Arms Room held a live interview with VIDEO at TacVille Training Center with Rigo from Tacflow, talking about the need for force-on-force training and the … Read More

Video Recap of our Annual SniperFest Training and Competition designed and spear headed by Lead Instructor Mike Puente. This event has grown to include participants from … Read More

Javier Soto from AZ 3TV interviews Instructor Mike Puente during the 2016 SniperFest Training & Competition.

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – War based video games like Call of Duty take you on a virtual battlefield and give you a small taste of what it … Read More

Article by Mark Lang, featured in The Tactical Edge/ Spring 2015
In March 2008, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued an assessment asserting … Read More

With the recent (June) attack of the Dallas Police Headquarters and subsequent use of a 50 Caliber Rifle to stop the threat, many SWAT officers around … Read More

The proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the United States has increased substantially in recent years. Originally developed for military use, the civilian and commercial … Read More

By Kristy Siefkin, FOX 10 News
PEORIA, Ariz. -Some of the best police and military snipers in the world train year-round right here in … Read More

The 5th Annual Sniperfest is back in Peoria, bringing law enforcement, corrections officers and military personnel together to learn, train and compete … Read More

The Scenario

As the police sniper for your team on a callout you are 85 yards away from your target. The target is in a renovated condo building on the 15th floor. You are armed with your semi-auto .308 precision rifle. You have chambered a purpose built bonded round that you … Read More

Members of our team were proud to be invited to the pre-screening benefiting America’s Mighty Warriors in Scottsdale, AZ in support of Debbie Lee. The opening of the … Read More

Any SWAT commander will tell you they want as many options as possible on the table during an operation. It does not guarantee success, but it increases the likelihood of success. One such option is the … Read More

If you are not moving forward, then in essence you are moving backwards’
This saying is paramount to SWAT operators and the team supervision as they endeavor to be the best they … Read More

by Mark Lang on Officer.com
How much training does your SWAT team do away from your range facility? If your answer is none, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your current training.

Think about the amount of time and training you have spent at your range … Read More

Just a little Sunday fun- Students hitting out to 1000yds
Instructor Randy DeHay teaching this weekend’s Civilian Precision Rifle course for Craft International at one of our favorites, the Red River West range in Gainesville, TX

AUG TACFLOW™ SACP Combat Pistol Course in Phoenix, AZ for Craft International
We had a fantastic group of students out to Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ.  Everyone came ready to learn and had a fun, safe weekend of training.  Students traveled from as far north as Canada and as … Read More

What could be better than a weekend of firearms training from top tier instructors while enjoying the largest machine gun shoot in the USA? We can’t think of anything! Come join us OCT 24-25 for our Civilian SACP Combat Pistol Course

SACP Combative Carbine Course for the ATOA
Serving Those Who Serve Us
Who trains in Phoenix in 110F+ weather?  We do!  We may have been a bit crazy to put on a course during the hottest season of the year in Florence, AZ.  The students all pulled together and gave it their … Read More

As the Police Sniper it is my responsibility to let my peers and supervisors know my capabilities and limitations. My excuses must be little to none and my standard must be higher than the rest. That is my mentality, my way and direction. If I am standing still, then I … Read More

2014 Indiana SWAT Officers Association Conference
Thank you to the ISOA for having us out to their 2014 Conference!  Rigo Durazo taught 2 blocks of Combative Principles.

Our instructors are happy to put training blocks together for conferences and events.  For more information please contact info@tacflow.com.



Thank … Read More

While Rigo was in Dallas teaching an UC Combative Transitions to Your Firearms & Vehicle Fighting course, he was asked to help answer a few questions on self defense for a ladies fitness segment with Stephanie Hanson of Innergy Fitness.

From The Broadcast TV website-
Next…it’s a … Read More

“Activities in the BC Place Stadium located in downtown Vancouver were set aside recently to let the Vancouver Police Department snipers train with the instructors of Craft International LLC, co-founded by Chris Kyle. The training helps ensure the criminals will lose the game on a third and final down.

In recent … Read More

Structural Alignment Combative Principles – SACP – Combat Carbine Course/ FEB 2014
Instructed by Randy DeHaye, Rigo Durazo, and Edward Morales Tacflow partnered with Craft International

This course focused on the fundamental building blocks including:
·         Introduction to Basic/Advance Carbine
·         Marksmanship Training
·         Defensive Posturing for Threat
·         Threat Analysis
·         … Read More

Structural Alignment Combative Principles – SACP – Advanced Carbine Course/ JAN 2014
Instructed by Dan Herman, Rigo Durazo, and Edward Morales Tacflow partnered with Craft International

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to our friends at TangoDown for supplying gear and prizes for last week’s course!  We would also like … Read More

CRAFT International Civilian Memorial Shoot Out
There were record lows in store for the students who braved the snow, ice, and stinging wind to make it out to the CRAFT International Civilian Memorial Shoot Out!

Rigo Durazo, Randy DeHay and Jeff Kranz all taught blocks for those who made it through the storm

[ux_slider arrows=”true” … Read More

We were asked to teach at this year’s SNIPERFEST for the 4th year in a row.  Rigo Durazo and Edward Morales taught a block on rifle combatives while Mark Lang from Craft International spoke on public venue sniper call outs.

Thank you to the MCSO Posse for another great … Read More

We were happy to be able to come hang out with all our Arizona LE at the 4th Annual ATOA Conference.

This year we were able to talk John Wayne Walding, (3rd Special Forces Group – Owner of Five Toes … Read More

Article- Sniperfest 2012 including instruction from Rigo Durazo
Staff Report
Craft Instructor Rigo Durazo was a guest instructor for the third year in a row at Sniperfest, a yearly training and competition put on by the MCSO Tactical Vehicle Posse. Sniperfest blends training and competition for police snipers, all based … Read More