Josh Nilson

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Josh Nilson


  • Began his professional career with a Las Vegas Valley police agency serving as a Field Training Officer, Crisis Intervention Team member, SWAT Operator, Firearms Instructor, and Active Shooter Instructor.
  • 8-year veteran of his department’s Collateral Duty SWAT team rising to the position of Sniper Team Leader.
  • was responsible for training and oversaw the deployment of the police snipers during critical incidents and public venue overwatch operations and planning High-Risk Search Warrants
  • Was the lead firearms instructor for the SWAT team and coordinated & developed training, qualifications and lead all firearm-based training for his team.
  • Certified NRA, NTOA & FBI firearms instructor

Signature Courses and Programs

Josh develops and teaches courses for Law Enforcement and Civilian students. The courses below are either ones he has developed, or ones he is an integral part as an adjunct instructor.


Police Sniper Tripod Utilization
Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue


NV CCW Courses


Dark Horse Tactical in Nevada

Josh owns and operates Dark Horse Tactical. He produces performance ready firearms and tactical gear for officers and civilian shooters. He also hosts local Nevada courses in addition to the travel courses he runs with Tacflow.