Businessman Travelers Awareness

Businessman Travelers Awareness

Two (2) to Three (3) Day Course

Students will learn how to be more aware of themselves and their surroundings while traveling domestically and abroad. Instruction consists of classroom, controlled scenarios, range time, and culminate in real world practical exercises with role players. You will learn how to identify possible threats, and how not to be a victim. Scenarios will range from how to walk and interact with locals, to what to do in the event of a public terrorist attack/ active shooter situation. Range time is a quick familiarization with common weapons you may find access to during international travel, how to clear them and fire in the case of an emergency. Practical exercises include moving from one location to another, while trying to identify if you have been followed, or are being watched and observed by live actors.

  • Situational Awareness
  • Threat Assessments
  • Theft Response
  • Foreign Weapon Manipulations
  • Immediate Action Drills
  • Practical Exercises
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