Combat Tactics- Summer 2012


Article-  Rigo Durazo teaches at Sniperfest

by Cameron Hopkins

Instructor Rigo Durazo, Owner of TACFLOW and Lead Instructor for Craft International– instructed one of the 2011 Sniperfest training blocks put on by the MCSO Posse in AZ. The event was covered on local news stations, as well as written up in several publications. An excerpt from the article in Surefire’s Combat Tactics Magazine is below, with a link to the full article .pdf.

“In a similar vein, another training block offered weapon retentions and hand-to-hand-combat instruction from noted martial arts pioneer Rigo Durazo, who offered a training block focused on hand-to-hand transitions while having a long-barreled rifle in hand. A sniper could happen on to an adversary at close quarters while moving to a hide, transitioning through a building, or otherwise stumble across a threat. Being able to utilize the rifle, or just parts of it, as a control or impact weapon to subdue a threat was one of Rigo’s key instructional points. Also, Rigo emphasized the ability to recognize when your rifle can actually hinder you in hand-to-hand combat and how to transition away from a slung long gun, go to hands, and then get back to it quickly.”


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