Police Sniper Tripod Utilization Course- Monticello, MN

Police Sniper Tripod Utilization Course- Monticello, MN

08junAll Day10Police Sniper Tripod Utilization Course- Monticello, MN3 Day Course- $750Law Enforcement CoursesLE Sniper Courses

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Instructed by
Josh Nilson

Course Description

A shot is rarely taken in the prone.”
– Josh Stabler (Hog Saddle)

This is especially true for the Law Enforcement Sniper in an urban or rural environment. The ability to take a shot regardless of the terrain is a powerful tool to have. The DHT LE Tripod Course is designed to familiarize the police sniper with the fundamentals of shooting off of a tripod along with advanced tripod techniques. All of the training is based off of real-world scenarios experienced by our cadre in the field. All courses are taught by Law Enforcement Snipers who have intimate knowledge of tripod shooting supported with real world experience.

You will learn:
Principles of Shooting
Fundamentals of Supported Shooting (Standing, Kneeling and Seated)
Tripod Shooting (Standing, Kneeling and Seated)
Rapid Deployment
Training Philosophy and Development
Rapid Deployment Drills
Spec-rest Intro
Advanced Tripod Techniques
Vehicle Hide and Overwatch Principles & Techniques
Vehicle Hide Engagements
Equipment Selection and Acquisition

Bolt-Action or Gas Operated Duty Rifle (Capable of 2 MOA accuracy or better)
Scope (Open Tactical Turrets, 10x magnification, adjustable parallax recommended, MRAD/ MOA reticle recommended)
Tripod (If you don’t have a tripod please contact us)
Rear Bag
Riggers Belt (sturdy leather / cordura)
Binoculars (recommended, not required)
Range Finder (recommended, not required)
Deployment bag of pack
Gas Mask
Load bearing vest/chest rig (to retain magazines)
Minimum of 2 magazines for your specific weapons platform
300 rounds of Match Grade Ammunition (approx 100 rounds per day)
Water/ Food/ Snacks
Weapons Cleaning Gear / Lube
Weather Appropriate Clothing (we train in all conditions, check weather before coming out)
Ear & Eye Protection
Sunscreen & Chap Stick
Paper & Pen
Tool (i.e. Leatherman)


june 8 (Wednesday) - 10 (Friday)


Monticello Sportsman Club

7959 State Highway 25 NE