SniperFest Training & Competition | APRIL 3 – 5, 2017


SniperFest Training & Competition 2017 is presented by Tacflow Academy, in partnership with Strategic Armory Corps and the Arizona Tactical Officers Association. We are thankful to have the help and support of these two like minded organizations to put together what we believe will be the best event yet!

The purpose behind SniperFest is to bring together shooters from all over the state- and beyond, to train, interact, and compete while building a sense of comradery and open communication between agencies. The first two days are filled with debriefs, lessons learned, focused training blocks, and presentations from subject matter experts. Day three is a competition where participants can push their limits to win prizes from our amazing sponsors.

Students and instructors come in from all over the country to engage with one another in a challenging but enjoyable environment.

sac firearms
sac firearms


SniperFest was first developed by Deputy Michael Puente, who was the serving Sniper Team Leader for the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office, as a small event for local teams to get to know one another while engaging in friendly competition. SniperFest continued to grow through the help and dedication of Puente, local snipers, the MCSO Posse, and subject matter experts, including the team at Tacflow Academy. In 2015, the decision was made to officially move the event over to Tacflow who, with their partnership with the Arizona Tactical Officers Association, was more equipped to meet the additional logistical demand from the students, vendors, and instructors as the event continued to grow. Today we work hard to stay true to the original mission of the event- creating an unforgettable educational experience, while keeping the entry fee as low as possible through enlisting the help of supporters to help sponsor the event with gear, meals, travel, and cash expenses.


Day 1

TacVille Training Center
750 E Covey Ln #130
Phoenix, AZ 85024

Day 2-3

CowTown Range
10402 West Old Carefree Highway
Peoria, AZ 85383

tacville training center
sac firearms

Day 1- Speakers & Debriefs

Registration Now Open!

Day 1 Only- Keynote Speakers & Vendor Show at TacVille Training Center

April 3, 2017 / $25 ($10 for ATOA Members Coupon Code- atoasf15)

* Open to all current LE/ MIL/ DOC personnel *

* Includes Lunch & Event T-Shirt*


Day 1- 3 Speakers, Training &Team Competition- CowTown

  April 3-5, 2017 / $120 ($60 for ATOA Members Coupon Code- atoa60)

* Includes Lunch on Day 1 & Event T-Shirt*
* Pre-requisite- participants at a minimum must have successfully passed a reputable basic sniper course. *

* Competitors are encouraged to bring their own teammate. If you do not have a teammate, we will try to pair you up with another attendee, however you run the risk of not having a partner if we have an odd number of attendees. *

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