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WFTV Channel 9 Video: SWAT teams practice sniper response at Camping World Stadium


Our team was filmed teaching during the ABC WFTV9 interview with Orlando Police- SWAT teams practice sniper response at Camping World Stadium "Orlando police snipers fired shots inside Camping World Stadium…"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8X1arxbpro&feature=youtu.be  Originally published by ABC WFTV9 on Jun 14, 2018 Visit the ABC WFTV9 website Interested in learning more about this class?  Visit the Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue page!
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January 11, 2018tacflow
Public Venue Countersniping article from guns & weapons for law enforcement


By Andre' M. Dall'au (Public Venue Countersniping article was originally published by Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement- November 2012)As early as 2004, the government has issued advisories that public venues such as arenas and stadiums had been identifies as prime targets by terrorists.  The potential for causing mass casualties in a venue full of unprotected citizens has an obvious appeal to evildoers bent on disrupting our way of life.  A lone gunman or a violent, organized group could attack a professional sports event, rock concert, or even your son or daughter's high school football game unless prepared and well-equipped guardians ... Read More
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