TACFLOW Academy Training Facilities

Tacflow Academy Training Facilities- TacVille Training Center, Phoenix, AZ

Our main offices & Tacflow Academy Training Facilities are at TacVille Training Center in PHX, AZ, a 21,000sqft CQC laboratory with range facilities nearby. Our training team designed and built the 20,000 sq/ft indoor training venue and 2-story Urban CQB tactical village for force on force and tactical training for Law Enforcement, Military, Security, and Responsible Citizens.

TacVille Training Center is a fully air conditioned space with a village comprised of two story structures, stairs, walkways, catwalks, single entry point rooms, multiple entry point rooms, courtyard area, and various other obstacles. We can bring in vehicles and move structures to fit your needs. Bringing optional helmet mounted Go Pros allows for play by play recaps to analyze and build upon.

A multi-use space, TacVille has a front DT area complete with rubber flooring and hitting bags. We also have classroom style projector areas, a conference room, and onsite protective gear available. The two story urban training village is built as a force on force skills laboratory where teams and individuals can learn to navigate difficult problems utilizing combat geometry solutions.


Phoenix Arizona Courses

TacVille Training Center

750 E Covey Ln #130

Phoenix, Arizona

(North of the 101 on 7th St)


CowTown Range Arizona

At the northern edge of the city, TacVille Training Center is only 20 minutes from CowTown Range Arizona, an 80 acre desert terrain shooting range with options ranging from 50 yd pistol bays, to 1000yd+ rifle platforms with 50 Cal steel targets, and even aerial platform capabilities.

Conveniently located in North Phoenix, Arizona- less than 30 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. Students traveling from out of town have a large number of nearby lodging and amenities to choose from to make travel planning easy.