Entry Team Concepts

Five (5) Day Course

Students will learn the building blocks for all weapons- from carbine, pistol and empty hand combat. Students will learn how to use these principles during suspect controls and team tactics while managing a carbine.
They will apply while shooting, practicing room clearing, and HRT scenarios. This is principle-based training meant to address trained/organized multiple-threats such as terrorist and domestic terrorist attacks for Homeland security. These techniques can be easily implemented in multi-agency, as well as joint task force operations.

Creating a combat mindset/ Understanding violence
SACP Drills
Terrorist threats- how to identify and overcome
Carbine Movement Drills
Carbine Combative Solutions/ Suspect Control with Carbine
Close contact with Carbine failures
HRT Drills/ Low Light Scenarios
High Risk Warrants
CQB Concepts
Vehicle Assaults

Formerly SWAT Concepts with Structural Alignment Combative Principles SACP™