Aerial Platform Operations Course

Aerial Platform

Three (3) or Four (4) Day Course

Tacflow’s Aerial Platform Operations Course brings formalized training to SWAT teams and Aircrews who are wanting to begin a AP program or expand and/or validate their current program. A Law Enforcement Aerial Platform program allows for more than just firing from a helicopter if needed, it also provides for protective overwatch from the air for law enforcement officers & citizens on the ground and support for SWAT operators during high risk operations. As domestic & international terrorists attacks continue to occur, the aerial option gives law enforcement commanders the ability to use a safe method to stop or mitigate these threats. During the course students are taught multiple approaches to target(s) and are taught the ‘how and why’ regarding ballistics at altitude. The course also covers safety, aircraft set-up, SWAT/Aircrew roles, communications and off-site rapid deployment. Course length is determined by student to aircraft ratio. Host agency must supply helicopter(s).

Our Tacflow Aerial Platform Instructors are SWAT Operators who actively deploy in this role at their respective agencies.

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Approved Course #3363

Moving Platform uses the proprietary information from Dr. Lyman Hazelton (

Course developed by Mark Lang