50 Cal Operator- Instructor Course

50 Cal/Large Caliber Instructor Course

Five (5) Day Course

This course is designed for police agencies who are wanting to begin a 50 Cal Program or have a 50 Cal rifle and need formal training with an emphasis on SWAT deployment. Current terrorist trends indicate a need for this capability now more than ever as we continue to see vehicles used as weapons against the public. This course also covers the use and deployment of the 338 Lapua Magnum rifle. Day 1 will be spent creating a base line level to operate from. Days 2-5 will focus on Instructor Development to include:

  • 50 Cal/338 Rifle Standards
  • Proper Ammunition Selection/Usage
  • Range Planning, Design and Safety
  • Terminal Ballistic Testing & Evaluation
  • Moving Vehicle Interdiction
  • Overwatch Position (OP) Justification, Deployment & Practicals
  • Case Studies of 50/338 SWAT Interdiction (SOP)
  • Qual Course and SOP Design
  • Sustaining a Large Caliber Program

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Approved Course #3324
Instructor Certification is valid for 3 year period. Re-certification is offered.

Course developed by Mark Lang

50 Cal Operator Course
50 Cal Operator Course