50 Cal Hard Target Weapons Instructor Course

50 Cal Hard Target Weapons Operator/Instructor

Four (4) Day Course

This course is designed for police agencies who are wanting to begin a 50 Cal Program or have a 50 Cal rifle and need formal training with an emphasis on SWAT deployment. Current terrorist trends indicate a need for this capability now more than ever as we continue to see vehicles used as weapons against the public. Day 1 will be spent creating a base line level to operate from. Days 2-4 will focus on Instructor Development to include:

  • 50 Cal/338 Rifle Standards
  • Proper Ammunition Selection/Usage
  • Range Planning, Design and Safety
  • Terminal Ballistic Testing & Evaluation
  • Overwatch Position (OP) Justification, Deployment & Practicals
  • Case Studies of 50/338 SWAT Interdiction (SOP)
  • Qual Course and SOP Design
  • Sustaining a Large Caliber Program

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Approved Course #3324

Course developed by Mark Lang

50 Cal Operator Course
50 Cal Operator Course