Tacflow Featured Courses Catalog

Tacflow Featured Training Courses

The Tacflow Featured Training Course Catalog has a wide range of courses available ranging from hand to hand combatives and close quarter firearms to long range marksmanship and specialty deployments.

We are avid proponents of reality based training- getting off the flat range, utilizing force on force training as a means to test and build and adjust tactics, and training where you will be deployed or be in the fight. We keep our student to teacher ratios low so each participant will receive the one-on-one attention they need to be successful.

Our Open Enrollment courses are available to all law abiding citizens and cover a broad base of fundamentals and more generalized combative & shooting principles useful for anyone wanting to hone their skills. We also offer Profession Specific Courses which teach using the rules of engagement and priorities of life that are specific to those professions. These are further broken down into smaller specialties within those fields, including SWAT, Under Cover Officers, Snipers, and more. Profession specific courses require stricter pre-requisites prior to enrollment.

Don’t see what you are looking for? We are happy to custom design courses based on your needs, including individual and group private instruction at one of our preferred locations or through our Mobile Training Team Program.

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