TACFLOW Civilian & Open Training Courses

Our Civilian & Open Enrollment Courses focus on real world situations and understanding human behavior. These courses are available to all law abiding citizens, and are taught from the standpoint of an armed or unarmed individual. The average response times for emergency 911 calls vary by city, but range from around five (5) to over ten (10) minutes before a professional will be on scene. What does this mean? It is our responsibility to know what to do, how to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities, because we are the real first responders. Our Open Enrollment Courses are taught by the same top level instructors as our profession specific courses, but focus on the responsibilities and priority of life of the average citizen, shooting fundamentals, combat sport science and efficiency of movement.

Whether the student is a complete beginner, or an expert shooter, we have regularly scheduled courses available for all levels at several regular host locations in Arizona and Texas, as well as through our Mobile Training Team Option.

In addition to our standard courses that last for multiple days, we recently launched our Tacflow Progressive Training Block Program, in which courses are designed to allow students to advance through varied curriculum at their own pace; building on the skills they have learned from one block to the next. These half day training classes are regularly scheduled in North Phoenix, Arizona. They are a practical way for students to “get their feet wet” before committing to a longer course, and for students that have limited time and find an afternoon here and there more conducive to their busy schedules.