SniperFest Training & Competition | April 20-22, 2022

9th Annual SniperFest Training & Competition | April 20-22, 2022


SniperFest brings together shooters from all over the state- and beyond, to train, interact, and compete while building a sense of comradery and open communication between agencies. The first two days are filled with debriefs, lessons learned, focused training blocks, and presentations from subject matter experts. Day three is a competition where participants can push their limits to win prizes from our amazing sponsors.

Students and instructors come in from all over the country to engage with one another in a challenging but enjoyable environment.

Sniperfest 2022 is presented by Tacflow Academy, in partnership with the Arizona Tactical Officers Association.




Day 1
Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center
11550 W Glendale Ave
Glendale, AZ 85307

Day 2-3
Cowtown Range
10402 W Carefree Hwy
Peoria, AZ 85383

Recommended Lodging

Approx 15 mins to GRPSTC; 30 mins to Cowtown
Comfort Suites Peoria Sports Complex
8473 West Paradise Ln., Peoria

Residence Inn by Marriott
8435 W Paradise Ln., Peoria

Hampton Inn
8408 W Paradise Ln., Peoria

Approx 22 mins GRPSTC; 30 mins to Cowtown
Drury Inn
2335 W Pinnacle Peak Rd.



Day 1- Speakers & Debriefs


Sign in & Vendor Show


Speakers & Debriefs


Sgt. Neil Brooks
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Airborne Use of Force Incident

In 2018 Sgt. Brooks deployed Aerial Platform in response to a lone gunman who had ambushed Quartsitze Police Officers along with a AZ DPS Trooper in the downtown area. The gunman occupied a tactical firing position that had many advantages. This incident debrief will discuss in detail the incident and the decision process which led to the deployment of Aerial Platform for incident resolution. 

Wells Fargo Bank Hostage Recovery

Officer Dennis Ponte
Cobb County, Georgia Police Department
Large Caliber Rifle Use of Force Incident

The 2017 Hostage Recovery incident at a Wells Fargo Bank in Marietta, Georgia was responded to by the Cobb County Police Department. Officer Dennis Ponte deployed as a police sniper with both a 308 Winchester and 338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifles. Upon taking up an observation position, Officer Ponte switched to the 338 Lapua Magnum rifle for the duration of the hostage incident. This incident debrief will discuss the details once the hostage taker occupied the bank and the decision to deploy the 338 Lapua Magnum and the decision to use force to bring the incident to a safe conclusion for the remaining hostages.  

Chris Hoyer- When That Day Comes

Chris Hoyer
When That Day Comes: Training for the Fight

Presentation is based on a 20-year career of survival, in which time I was involved in three Officer-Involved Shootings and one career-ending gunfight that claimed the life of a fellow Officer.
In addition to the daily traumas over the course of twenty years, I was faced with having to bury sixteen of my buddies who were killed in the line of duty. And three more since retirement. The job cost me my marriage and, along with with the struggles of post-traumatic stress from work, my agency turned it’s back on me. I was left to fend for myself.
The positive uptick was finding my place in the world before I honorably retired. I was persistent in seeking out the resources I desperately needed. After retiring from the law enforcement community, I reinvented myself. I wrote a book. I moved to California, my dream location. And I found the love of my life.


GPS Defense
Nightforce Optics
Strategic Armory Corps
Timney Triggers
Four Peaks Imports/ POF-USA
Two Vets Sporting Goods

Lead Devil USA
Dark Horse Tactical
Liberty’s Defense
HOG Saddle

Field Optics Research
Riton Optics
Law Tactical
EOTech Inc.
Greenside Training

Day 2- Training Blocks


Training Block & Vendor Demo Day

  • Alternative Shooting Positions – “Team Regina” (Milkovich)
  • Tripod Utilization – Josh Nilson (Tacflow/ Dark Horse Tactical)
  • Public Venue Rifle Standards – Jeremy Sterling (Norman PD/ Tacflow)
  • Back to Basics/Stress – Juan Ospina (GPS Training)
  • Land Nav- Freddy Osuna (Greenside Training)

Gear List for Days 2 & 3

Bring all gear and equipment that you would deploy with on a sniper deployment, including, but not limited to:

  • Assigned precision rifle (.308 preferred)
  • 300 rounds rifle ammunition (+/-)
  • Sniper pack
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Spotting scope
  • Range finders
  • Data book
  • Note pad
  • Pen and Marker
  • Sunblock
  • Bug spray
  • Hat
  • Food and Snacks

There will be Water and Gatorade on-site, but it is best to plan to have extra, as we are in a desert!


Founded by Deputy Michael Puente, who was the serving Sniper Team Leader for the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office, Sniperfest was first born as a small event for local teams to get to know one another while engaging in friendly competition. SniperFest continued to grow through the help and dedication of Puente, local snipers, the MCSO Posse, and subject matter experts, including the team at Tacflow Academy. In 2015, the decision was made to officially move the event over to Tacflow who, with their partnership with the Arizona Tactical Officers Association, was more equipped to meet the additional logistical demand from the students, vendors, and instructors as the event continued to grow. Today we work hard to stay true to the original mission of the event- creating an unforgettable educational experience, while keeping the entry fee as low as possible through enlisting the help of supporters to help sponsor the event with gear, meals, travel, and cash expenses.

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