Urban Sniper Response Tactics- Palm Beach FL

Urban Sniper Response Tactics- Palm Beach FL

16mayAll Day19Urban Sniper Response Tactics- Palm Beach FL4 DAY COURSE- $1050

Event Details

Instructor: Jair Brown

Course Description:

The Urban Sniper Response Tactics/ USRT course is designed to enable sniper teams to plan and conduct covert urban operations and training within their local area of operations. The course is fundamentally based on three tiers of focus, with a crawl, walk, and run mentality. The course will start with a brief history and revision of the basic employment concepts and progress to encompass all relevant skills associated with the complexities and dangers of urban sniper operations.

Topics covered include:

  • Urban hide construction
  • Vehicle hide construction & deployment
  • Weapons system deployment from concealment
  • Plain clothes pistol utilization
  • Equipment considerations

Gear List:

  • Sniper rifle capable 1 MOA or better
  • Quality riflescope
  • 250 match grade factory rounds
  • All Sniper Deployment gear
  • Shooting Tripod/Rifle rest
  • Urban Deployment Kit
  • Handgun w/ duty & concealment holster
  • 250 handgun rounds
  • Plain/street clothes
  • Concealment pack/ bag


may 16 (Tuesday) - 19 (Friday)


PBSO Range

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