Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue- Nashville, TN

Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue- Nashville, TN

08mayAll Day11Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue- Nashville, TN4 Day Course- $1450

Event Details

Instructed by
Mark Lang & Team

Day 1- Range
Day 2-4 Nissan Stadium

Course Description
PSRPV is a purpose designed curriculum for police snipers that provide overwatch at public venues and/or large
scale events. The 4-day 40 hour curriculum is an advance course and is not for a beginner sniper. PSPRV has
evolved into the standard for deploying snipers and SWAT teams that are tasked with the responsibility for public
safety at these events. Anti-terrorist in nature the course is conducted in a crawl, walk, run progression focusing on
improvised shooting & tripod shooting. In addition to the police sniper role Best Practices for SWAT and other nexus
work groups will taught with the emphasis on safety & security. Snipers will be required to successfully pass Day 1
in order to conduct live fire training at the host venue. Upon completion, snipers will be certified in live fire
operations increasing their operational readiness for their law enforcement agencies.

Course Topics:
Venue Site Assessment
Public Venue/Terrorist Attack History & Trends
Range Work/On Demand Shooting
SWAT Role at Public Venue’s
Angle Fire Presentation
Live Fire training at the Venue
Deliberate/Immediate React Teams
Improvised/Hasty Position Selection
Tripod Usage and Deployment
Planned Overwatch Positions
Observation/Communication Scenarios
The Role of the 50 Cal in Venue Safety
PBIED/VBIED/Vehicular Attack Mitigation

Course Pre-Requisite:

Course restricted to active police snipers assigned to a SWAT team and active military snipers.
Minimum Basic Sniper Certification (verification may be required)

Round Count:
300 Factory Produced Rounds

  • Precision rifle capable 1 MOA or better
  • Variable power riflescope
  • Sniper Overwatch deployment gear
  • Shooting Tripod/Rifle rest
  • No bonded tip , armor piercing, monolithic, steel core or reloads allowed
  • ELD, AMAX, BTHP projectiles acceptable
  • Calibers allowed: 308 WIN, 223 REM, 6.5 Creedmoor
  • Rem 700 rifles with discharge history NOT allowed


Any precision rifle that has a history of Accidental Discharges will not be allowed in the course. Verification will be asked prior to the course commencing


may 8 (Monday) - 11 (Thursday)


Nissan Stadium

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