Large Caliber Rifle Instructor Course- Santa Clara, CA **WAIT LIST**

Large Caliber Rifle Instructor Course- Santa Clara, CA **WAIT LIST**

20junAll Day24Large Caliber Rifle Instructor Course- Santa Clara, CA **WAIT LIST**5 Day Course- $1350Law Enforcement CoursesLE Sniper Courses,LE Specialty Courses

Event Details

Instructed by
Mark Lang & Team

Course Description

This is a Train the Trainer course. Our LCRI curriculum focuses on SWAT teams who have acquired a 338 Lapua
Magnum and/or 50 BMG rifles and endeavor to stand up a Large Caliber Rifle Program for their agency. We invest in
your law enforcement professional through education, teachbacks, instructor development & practical application.
Our goal is for them is to return to enhance an existing program or establish a new LCR Program. This is an
Instructor Level Course and work assignments will be commensurate. Firearms Instructor Certification is preferred.
Limited amount of Large Cal Rifles are available for use.

Contact for more information.

Course Topics:
Large Caliber Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Positional Shooting with the Large Caliber Rifle
Ammunition Selection & Application
Ballistic App Introduction
Large Caliber Rifle Standards
Rifle Rest/Tripod Utilization & Deployment
Large Caliber Overwatch/When to deploy
Understanding Overpressure and Acoustic Exposure
Developing Large Caliber Training & Qualifications
Student teachbacks
Terminal Ballistics Workshop
Instructor Development
Case Studies of LE Use of Large Caliber Rifles
Case Studies of Criminal Use of Large Caliber Rifles


june 20 (Monday) - 24 (Friday)


SCC Regional Firearms Facility