Carbine Gunfighter Course- Gilbert, AZ

Carbine Gunfighter Course- Gilbert, AZ

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Event Details

Lead Instructors
Rigo Durazo & Chris Trapp

Course Description

This course is designed to help students discover gunfighting principles through dynamic reality-based training drills. Using force on force, students will discover mistakes made in the engagement phase and how to properly use team members. Instructors will film extensively, allowing students the chance to study and review their effectiveness under pressure. We will address range training scars that are highlighted during the force on force exercises and work to remedy them during live range drills. We will introduce low light gunfighting and proper use of equipment- be prepared to have your gear setup tested!
The goal is for students to have a better understanding of fighting principles, allowing them to return to their departments and self-diagnose the effectiveness of their current team tactics during a gunfight. Theories will be tested, concepts will be proven or disproven, all for the benefit of the operator and his teammate.

  • Carbine/ Pistol
  • 200 carbine rounds/ 100 pistol rounds *must be frangible rounds*
  • Sims Carbine & Pistol Conversion Kits
  • 100 rifle sims rounds/ 50 Pistol sims rounds
  • Force on Force protective gear (Head, neck, Groin)
  • Rifle light system with pressure pad
  • Sling
  • Kneepads
  • Working lunch, water and snacks



february 2 (Wednesday) - 3 (Thursday)


Gilbert PD Range