50 Cal Operator- Instructor- Palm Beach, FL

february, 2020

10febAll Day1450 Cal Operator- Instructor- Palm Beach, FL5 Day Course- $1250Law Enforcement Courses:LE Sniper Courses,LE Specialty Courses


Palm Beach Sheriffs Office

Event Details

Instructed by
Mark Lang & Jude Braun

Course Description
This 5-day Instructor Certification level course is optimally designed for police snipers on SWAT teams who are wanting to begin a 50 Cal program or have a program and want to verify and/or validate their current training. Current domestic & international terrorist trends dictate a need to increase the deployment of large caliber rifles in support of SWAT teams and for overwatch positions at public venues and large-scale events. The continued use of vehicles as weapons overseas and in the homeland can be mitigated or potentially stopped through the proper deployment of large caliber rifles. This course is conducted in a crawl, walk, run progression and will enable the student to apply the curriculum learned back at their agencies for immediate use. All topics covered are relevant to deploying large caliber rifles in non-permissive environments. Instructor certification will be effective for 3 years from the date of training. Re-certification will be offered. Course is ideal for experience police snipers who are in an instructing role for their team.

Course Topics:
Large Caliber Fundamentals of Marksmanship
Proper Ammunition Selection & Application
Ballistic App Intro
50 Cal Rifle Standards
Rifle Rest/Tripod Utilization & Deployment
Large Caliber Overwatch
Overpressure Studies and Safe Range Training
Developing 50 Cal Training
Terminal Ballistics Data and Practical Application
Instructor Development
Case Studies of 50 Cal & 338 Interdiction in the U.S.


february 10 (Monday) - 14 (Friday)


Palm Beach County Firearms Facility

21500 20 Mile Bend Boathouse Ramp Road