Rigo Durazo



Rigo Durazo

Director of Training

Rigo Durazo is the Founder and Director of Training for Tacflow Academy.

  • Developer of the Tacflow Combatives Program
  • Has been teaching military, law enforcement and civilian protectors full time for over 11 years.
  • Served as the Director of Training for Craft International until it ceased doing business in 2015
  • Over 25 years’ experience in the global security field, specializing in low signature protection in some of the most remote regions of the world.
  • Worked as a business liaison into Mexico and Latin America as a security and anti-kidnapping specialist
  • Sworn law enforcement deputy
  • Maha Guru in Southeast Asian family martial system based on Kali and Silat- specializing in combative edged weapons, grappling and striking. Given ranking by Grand Master Ric “Manu” Gardea
  • Hates all things social media and swears everything tastes better with Tabasco sauce

Teaching Philosophy

Rigo coaches how to use combat angles and sport science to be effective in all aspects of dealing with a threat. His education philosophy focuses heavily on mindset and body language- from the initial conversation, to the hands on phase, to gun fighting and entry principles.

Rigo consistently works with top subject matter experts to research, develop, test, and teach around a core set of scientific principles. He and the rest of our team are always pushing the limits of what we think we know.

Signature Courses and Programs

Rigo develops and teaches courses for Law Enforcement, Civilians, Security Professionals, Military, and Corporate students. The courses listed below are ones he has either developed, or teamed up with another one of our subject matter experts to produce a multi-disciplined curriculum.


Private Security Details

Rigo still takes on select security clients between scheduled courses.
For a free consultation, please fill out our form on the CONTACT US to schedule a call.

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