9th Annual Sniperfest Recap


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sac firearms
sac firearms

8th Annual SniperFest Training & Competition

SniperFest brings together shooters from all over the state- and beyond, to train, interact, and compete while building a sense of comradery and open communication between agencies. The first two days are filled with debriefs, lessons learned, focused training blocks, and presentations from subject matter experts. Day three is a competition where participants can push their limits to win prizes from our amazing sponsors.

Students and instructors come in from all over the country to engage with one another in a challenging but enjoyable environment.

Sniperfest 2018 is presented by Tacflow Academy, in partnership with the Arizona Tactical Officers Association (501c3) and Strategic Armory Corps. We are thankful to have the help and support of these two like minded organizations to continue to produce this fantastic event!


We’ve Moved up North

To keep the training and locations fresh, we are excited to announce the 8th Annual SniperFest Training & Competition will be hosted at Gunsite Academy!

Day 1

Prescott Armory
824 E Gurley St
Prescott, AZ 86301

Day 2-3

Gunsite Academy
2900 W Gunsite Rd
Paulden, AZ 86334

Nearby Hotels

Hampton Inn – Prescott or Prescott Valley
La Quinta Inn
Forrest Villas
Holiday Inn Express
Spring Hill Suites
Days Inn Wyndam – Chino Valley


Day 1- Speakers & Debriefs


Sign in & Vendor Show


Speakers & Debriefs

Phoenix PD- Incident Debrief

More Information TBA

Mark Lang - Aerial Platform Operations for Law Enforcement
training & event schedule

Aerial Platform Operations is quite possibly the most underutilized consequential asset that many law enforcement agencies don’t recognize. If law enforcement agencies have police helicopters and a SWAT team, then deliberate discussions should be had regarding implementation of one of the best options to not only provide aerial overwatch for citizens and officers safety, but to interdict threats with accuracy if required. With increased demands for securing large scale events and limited manpower, Aerial Platform deployment allows for coverage at altitude of moving events that do not remain static. Proper formal training and sustainment training is key and will yield increased officer and public safety. This presentation is ideal for team members, supervisors and helicopter personnel.

Mark Lang – Bio
Mark Lang is a 25-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department and is currently in his 18th year as a member of Dallas SWAT.

Prescott PD - Incident Debrief

More Information TBA

Mike Glover - Mindset

The CEO of FieldCraft Survival (FCS), Mike Glover spent 20 years in the US Army in various positions including: Weapons Sgt, Sniper, Assaulter, JTAC, Freefall Jump Master, Sniper Team Sgt, Operations SGM. As a Gov. Contractor Mike served in austere environments at the tip of the spear in Counter Terrorism and Special Operations. Mike used his experience in war and in austere environments to start FCS teaching civilians the lessons he learned and training techniques that facilitated his survival. Mike lives in Colorado and holds a Bachelors degree in Crisis Management and Homeland Security.

Day 2- Training Blocks


Training Block & Vendor Demo Day

  • Aerial Platform Shooting Practical (Static Helo Shooting Only)- Instructed by Mark Lang/ Dallas PD & Jair Brown/ Las Vegas Metro
  • Land Nav/ Rural Hides- Instructed by Andy Bates (Gilbert PD) & Dan Herman (USMC)
  • Team Communication- Keith Christie (Peoria PD) and Preston Pierce (Chandler PD)
  • Carbine Movement- Rigo Durazo (Tacflow)
  • Alternate Positions- TBA

Gear List for Days 2 & 3

Bring all gear and equipment that you would deploy with on a sniper deployment- including COLD weather gear!

  • Assigned precision rifle (.308 preferred)
  • 300 rounds rifle ammunition (+/-)
  • 3 carbine mags (.223 standard)/ Rifles will be provided on site for training portion, they will NOT be used for competition day -OR- you are welcome to bring your duty carbine
  • 150 rounds .223 ammunition (+/-)
  • Sniper pack
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Spotting scope
  • Range finders
  • Data book
  • Note pad
  • Pen and Marker
  • Sunblock
  • Bug spray
  • Hat
  • Food and Snacks

There will be Water and Gatorade on-site, but it is best to plan to have extra, as we are in a desert!


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