2020-2021 Covid-19 Arizona Private Closed Course Options

Private Range Instruction in Phoenix, AZ During Covid-19

If you are looking to sharpen your skills and build confidence in your abilities during these uncertain times, we can help! We are offering private coaching for individuals and small groups at our home range in Arizona for pistol and carbine of all levels.

Bring the Family

Anytime there is uncertainty in the economy, the potential for criminal behavior goes up. Gain confidence in your family’s ability to protect yourselves and your home by asking to incorporate Home Defense Principles into your session. We will help you come up with a household action plan, as well as provide the direct one-on-one coaching for all members of your family to be safe (Shooters must be 12+ and have legal guardians with them).

Location- Cowtown Private Range- 10402 W Carefree Hwy Peoria, AZ 85383

Why Cowtown? While the cost of training at a private range is higher, we have chosen Cowtown as our home range because they do not place limitations on your education. They trust that our instructors always put safety first, and allow us to teach you the skills needed to shoot on the move, around cover, transitioning to your secondary firearm on the move, etc… Most ranges limit training to the lowest common denominator- forcing you to stand on a stagnant line and only allowing limited movement forward and backwards. This is not realistic, and creates bad training scars. Also, using a private range during the national social distancing means and added level of safety, limiting any exposure to other people.

Choose the # of Days

Please Note: The above pricing does not include student gear, ammo, and firearms. If you do not have your own, it is usually possible for us to supply firearm rental and ammo upon request at current market value.


Set Up a Free Training Consult Call


Work with your Instructor to decide what package works best for your needs! We will customize your training to fit your level of experience and help you meet your personal training goals.


Schedule Your Training!

Please Note:  If you are a member or caretaker for someone in a high risk group, we are also scheduling for later months so you can continue to self isolate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience is require to sign up?

Any! Whether you are a brand new shooter, or a seasoned veteran, we are happy to work with you to reach your training goals.

I don't have a holster/ sling/ etc. the instructor recommended, can I still train?

Absolutely. There are several ways to obtain these before your course, locally or by ordering offline. We are happy to help guide your purchase and train you on your new gear.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

All training dates are reserved with a non-refundable 50% retainer fee to schedule your range time and customize training.

  • We offer free rescheduling with 5+ business day notice.
  • With less than 5 day notice, there may be a range change fee that will be passed on and added to your total course fee.
  • If your new day falls outside of the discount time, the difference in price will be required.

COVID-19 Notice: If you or any of your group are showing any signs of illness, PLEASE DO NOT come! We will work with you and the range to reschedule to another time when everyone is healthy.

What steps are you taking to stop the spread of covid-19?

We will continue to follow the CDC and NTOA guidelines for training:

  • We are only running courses at a private, outdoor range
  • Class formats are conducive to social distancing (6+ feet)
  • All training is limited to under 8 people total, to include instructor(s)
  • Students are asked to bring hand sanitizer and use it often throughout the day
  • We encourage students to wear gloves, and refrain from touching their face
  • Protective masks and/ or face coverings are optional, but encouraged

COVID-19 Notice: If you or any of your group are showing any signs of illness, PLEASE DO NOT come! We will work with you and the range to reschedule to another time when everyone is healthy.